FAQ – Frequently asked questions
- Check-in: must all team members check-in in Sierre?
No, a team member has to register at the start and pick up the documents. The teams themselves are responsible for the transportation of team members and effects

- Bicycles: are the bicycles (in Sierre during swimming, in Leukerbad during running and then during the meal) guarded?
The bikes of the single participants will be guarded in Leukerbad until 2.00 pm. The OK accepts no liability.

- How does the clothes transport work or is there a clothes transport?
The clothes of the single participants are transported from Sierre to Leukerbad and to the destination. Each participant has a bag with the starting number. On the bags the destination is e.g. Start - swimming , running indicated
- Swimming: is a neoprene suit mandatory for swimming?
Up to and with 22 ° water temperature is permitted to wear a neoprene - from 22 ° water temperature is prohibited. The water temperature is measured and reported on the competition day (in the last years it was 18° - 19 °).

- Gemmiweg: is this way blocked?
The Gemmiweg (running distance) is not blocked. Viewers and maintainers can go up.

- Are walking sticks permitted?
Sticks and any tools are not allowed for the course. 
- Passenger transport: is a transport from Sierre to Leukerbad and back organized? If so, when and from where? Can teammembers go down to the Gemmi to support their runners?
The transport of people from Sierre to Leukerbad is not organized. The team members can use the voucher free of charge to travel to the Gemmi (or from Gemmi to Leukerbad).

- Is the road closed to Leukerbad?
The road from Sierre to Leukerbad is not closed. We ask the participants to drive on the right and to follow the traffic regulations and the directions of the route points.  For spectators, we recommend to use the road via Pfynwald - Leuk

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